The year was 1945 and using the tools and material of that time, Arnold Nickson began what was to become one of the outstanding operations of its kind in the West. The history of Nickson's Machine is like that of many successful businesses throughout the United States.

Beginning in a small one-story structure, Nickson's made his beginning in what was to become an international business venture.

Having started in light and heavy automotive machine work, Nickson's became more involved in heavy oilfield machine work. The early 1950's were a time of steady industrial growth and the nation's search for oil was in full swing.

This provided an opportunity for Nickson's to diversify and grow with the booming petroleum industry which served as a source of business along with the supply of engines and replacement parts. From the outset, Nickson's began to build a reputation for quality products and efficient, dependable service.

Today, with an additional base for a larger, more diversified operation, Nickson's Machine now occupies a 23,000 square foot plant in an easily accessible part of Santa Maria. This consolidated, well-equipped shop has continued to be a leader in complete engine machining, with general machine shop capabilities and a complete full service parts department. Always looking to the future for new and challenging opportunities, Nickson's present capabilities have grown significantly to include the design and manufacturing of large pump and gas compressor systems vital to the burgeoning oil and refinery business.